Over 35 Years of Satisfaction

For over 35 years we have provided our customers with quality auto surface protection products.

Our entire product line has been rigorously tested and proven effective, giving us complete confidence to offer unparalleled warranty coverage. In the fight against rust, we are proud to fund state-of-the-future research into electromagnetic surface protection - an innovation that is dramatically reducing the environmental impact of auto protection.

Keep enjoying your vehicle's showroom good looks and ensure its resale value with the best protection products. Period.

Important Milestones

  • 1983
    No Holes Drilled Rust Protection

    Final Coat pioneered this spraying process that did not compromise the integrity of the vehicle body.

  • 1990
    Water Based Rust Sprays Introduced

    Final Coat introduces water based sprays as another option from widely used oil based sprays

  • 1998
    Non-Cathodic Protection Applied To Vehicles

    Final Coat begins to exlusively introduce electromagnetic technology to the automotive industry.